When It Comes To Moving, We're Leading The Way
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Expert Service

For over a decade, the professionals at Scout Moving have been serving the needs of the Pacific Northwest with expert, experienced and timely moving services. Scout Moving has quickly established itself as one of the premier moving and storage companies on the West Coast. Scout Moving's extensive fleet of moving vans and trailers allow us to pass savings on to you, while maintaining the quality of professional moving services upon which Scout Moving has built its tradition. Turn to Scout Moving for fast, safe and affordable long-distance moving services.

Scouting the Path

Scout Moving grew up in the Northwest and we know what it takes to provide professional moving services specifically catered to Northwest clients. We pride ourselves on our hometown specificity and affordability - knowing that we can do the job better and cheaper than any California or Florida foreign entity that has little interest in serving the needs of the Pacific Northwest public. With timely, reliable service from the Northwest to anywhere in the nation, Scout Moving has established itself as the 1st choice in West Coast long distance moving companies.

Community Pledge

A long standing member of both the Portland and Seattle local communities, Scout Moving has teamed with Move For Hunger to do its part in the fight against poverty. If you have extra food or canned goods which you don't need to take with you to your new home, simply box and separate these items and we'll take them to the local food bank where they will be distributed to those who need them most. In the same spirit, Scout Moving has made its "Green Commitment" by pledging to use only biodiesel in its trucks and supplies made from 100% recyclable materials.