San Jose

Moving to and from San Jose can be easy; Scout Moving & Storage is an expert at long-distance moving all across the country. Whether the Silicon Valley is your final destination or just the beginning of your move, the professionals at Scout Moving are here to take care of you.

If you’re going to San Jose, be sure to move with Scout Moving & Storage. San Jose is one of the largest growing areas in the United States. With the Tech industry booming, and people from all walks of life and regions of the world joining that industry, Silicon Valley has become a modern melting pot. That diversity allows the San Jose community to offer a vast array of commodities to make everyone feel at home. The cherry on top is that this city rests in the southern region of the great state of California, and offers wonderful weather year round, ocean beaches to the west and magnificent mountains to the east. So if you need help moving reach out to Scout Moving & Storage today, and we’ll get the job down without a glitch.

Interstate Moving made Affordable

Scout Moving prides itself on helping people save money on long-distance moving services. Your move to San Jose can be more affordable than you think!

Get your estimate, with a FREE moving quote and compare with other long-distance moving companies, you won’t be disappointed! There’s no hidden fees for fuel or taxes in our all-inclusive, 100% transparency Relo Plans.

Interstate Moving done Simpler

Scout Moving & Storage makes moving easy. Our network of service centers and professional drivers allow us to provide the fastest service possible. And with our around-the-clock customer support, you can sit back and relax while we tend to every detail.

Interstate Moving made Safer

Scout Moving & Storage will deliver your belongings quickly, but most importantly we will deliver your belongings safely. Your items are packed and loaded by our experienced and professional moving teams to ensure they arrive at your new home just as they left your old home.

This is just one more reason why Scout Moving is the long distance moving company that customers rave about. Just check out what they are saying right now!

Video In-Home Estimates

In-home estimates are about as inconvenient as it gets – who has time these days to stay at home all day while every company sends out their own Rep to ask you a bunch of questions? Scout Moving & Storage is a proud partner of the iMove network, letting consumers safely upload videos of their homes for FREE visual estimates. Video visual estimates is just one of the hundred of ways Scout Moving & Storage is leading the moving industry into the modern age.

Need something else? Scout Moving & Storage has the answer for every long distance moving and storage need. Call us today at (844) 600-5400.