Moving Green Moving Tips

Posted on: January 14th, 2015 by admin

We’re now more conscious than ever of our impact on the Earth, and every little action counts. With an upcoming move it might seem more difficult to keep up your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint with the gas, moving boxes, bubble wrap and a number of other items that quickly turn to waste afterwards. Moving green can be easy if you just make a few small changes. Check out Scout Moving’s five tips for making a green move!

Moving Boxes/ Bins 

You have to move your items somehow when you’re relocating, but ditch the cardboard box and use an alternative. Cardboard boxes waste trees and tend to only hold up after a few moves, and depending on how much you’re transporting you might need a large number of them. Opt for plastic bins instead! Plastic bins will greatly reduce cardboard and tape consumption, and can they be reused for years. If you’re worried about buying new bins, many moving companies will rent them, so it’s guilt free!


Packaging can be one of the biggest troublemakers when trying to make a green move. Delicates need to be wrapped securely, so we’re often quickly drawn to foam wrap, bubble wrap or plastic peanuts. Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance you want your items to be safe, but there are different options for wrapping your items. Use biodegradable wraps instead of the normal plastic ones. Many of these are colored green to give you a heads up and are made from vegetable oils. If you don’t want to shell out a lot of extra money try to use the items that you already have to secure your items. Wrap your dishes in your towels and your glassware in thick sweaters to make a more environmentally friendly move.


Fewer items mean fewer bins, fewer trips and less gas! Moving is a great way to reassess the items that you own and what you really want and need. It’s easy to build up clutter, go through your items and sort out what needs to be taken and what you can get rid of. All of those extra items can be donated, recycled or given to friends, so you make an easier move and do some good!

The Little Things

Some green moving ideas seem straight forward, but take time to consider the little things that you might otherwise overlook. Map out the best way to get to your final destination to reduce the time and gas that it will take to complete the move. Try to cut down on the number of stops that you’ll make along the way as well. If you’re doing a long-distance move, remember to fill up a water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles of water along the way. A green move can be easy with a little planning!

Green Beginning

Once you’ve gotten through the entire moving process, keep up the green initiatives by making your new home or office more environmentally friendly. Take a look at the light bulbs you’re using and other appliances like washing machines and dishwashers to determine if there are more energy efficient options that you could use. Making a green move is a great start, but keep up the good work to really make a difference!