Storage Services

Scout Moving & Storage is the answer to your short-term and long-term storage situations. Whether you have pallets of corporate documents or all your household and personal belongings to store, Scout Moving & Storage has you covered.

Need to free up some space?

Out of space but need to insure that your important documents are safely stored in a climate-controlled facility? Look again to Scout Moving & Storage. We can store pallets of your records in our stacks with easy appointment access and competitive prices. Scout Moving & Storage has been providing easy and safe corporate storage to countless partners.

Scout Moving & Storage provides you the opportunity to remove the clutter and stress from your everyday environment and put those long-term safekeepings where you need not be concerned about them. Not in the attic, not in the garage, not in the basement – in a secure, environment controlled, fully-insured warehouse. Ease your mind from worry when it comes to personal self storage and choose Scout Moving & Storage.

About Our Storage Services

Scout Moving & Storage is also making moving easier by supplying complimentary storage-in-transit as needed. Take a few weeks in the middle of your move and go on that vacation that you’ve always meant to take. Scout Moving & Storage offers 30 days free storage for almost all long distance moves. Just let us know the 1st day that you will be available for delivery in your new home (any date within 30 days of your pickup) and we’ll schedule you delivery not to occur before that date – ensuring you the flexibility to customize your shipment to fit your particular needs. You can even opt to use Scout Moving & Storage for your long term storage needs, thus eliminating the expense of hiring another mover to move your goods from a private unit to your new home once you are ready.

Scout Moving & Storage is helping to make your relocation an opportunity rather than a burden.